GMod DayZ Guide by Gtailok

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    • GMod DayZ Guide by Gtailok

      Welcome to Instinkt Servers. This is our general GMod Dayz Guide. We hope you have fun.
      Feel free to ask active staff if you have questions. Also feel free to add custom guides for special themes.

      You can find our servers here
      Our GMod Server Ip is


      When you join the game or die you can create a character. Afterwards you will spawn randomly.


      After u spawned randomly you start looting and gearing up. The main objective in the game is to survive and get gear to the safezone. With your gear in the safezone you can trade with other players, sell it or buy new. There are numerous other activities in the safezone for entertainment.

      You can open your inventory with t or F1. Your inventory menu is also your bank menu (only works in the safezone) and your crafting, setings and lots of other stuff check it out yourself on the right bar of the inventory.
      You can open your map and see all locations by pressing m.


      Your hud and your alt menu shows you your curent health ,hunger and thirst. Do everything to keep them up but dont forget there are somekind of food etc. which you can get sick from.
      We got a number of enemies spawend on the map. Your main threat are other players but their are also zombies and npcs.

      Healt system

      We have no free healthcare for sure so try always to have some meds with you.
      There are numerous of meds but most important is to unterstand there are bandages to stop bleeding and meds to get your bloodlevel up or to cure sicknes.

      Safe zone

      This is our safezone you can only enter while not in combat.
      Our main rule on the server is to not camp or abuse the safezone. Despising can lead to ban.

      In the safezone there are traders where you can sell and buy items and perks. The are also wendingmachines for buying items the trader dosen't have in stock. The trader only sells items he got from other players.
      Just check it out urself and get vip for the best safezone experience for special traders and other stuff.

      Our Donation Section


      Airdrops spawn if a certain amount of players are online. There drop point ist shown on your hud and chat so u won't have trouble finding it . But be aware! Airdrops have often a high amount of valubale loot so there will be lots of players hiding there.


      Type !party in chat to open Teams and invite mates.


      Be sure to unload the guns you have equiped before unequiping or disconecting by draging them into the unload clip slot.


      If you have any reports or want to apply as a staff be sure to check out our forums.